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Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

Many people ask me:




I believe that everyone has the ability to heal beyond what they think is possible.  I believe that healing includes the mind and the spirit, not just the body.  I believe that healing occurs through honoring yourself, and giving yourself the care and patience that you deserve.

Because of that I believe in Chinese medicine.  The goal of Chinese medicine is to keep a person well.  To strengthen in order to heal. To address mental, emotional, and spiritual health as equals to physical health.  To work with the bodies innate, and miraculous ability to self heal. 


Chinese medicine is one of the oldest forms of healing in human history, and it continues to be used today because of its safety, comprehensive nature, and efficacy.




Acupuncture is just one (and probably the most popular) part of Chinese medicine.  It is the insertion of thin needles into specific points in the body to influence healing and encourage wellness.


Herbal medicine has been used since the dawning of mankind.  Because of that, extensive knowledge has been passed on by countless generations to give us safe, and effective medicine today.


There are practitioners of other disiplines within Tucson Chinese Medicine.  The benefit is that if there is another practitioner or methodology that is better for you, you can expect and quick and easy referral to a trusted professional right down the hall.

A sauna in the desert is still a good idea.  The heat from an infrared sauna warms the body from the inside out, having profound healing effects on  the cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous system, in addition to healing muscles and joints.


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