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Jamie Moon, L.Ac., MSTOM

L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist)

MSTOM (Master's of Science of

Traditional Oriental Medicine)

IAKP Certified Kambo Practitioner

Certified Psychedelic Integration Practitioner


Healing is a sacred journey.  It is a deep process that asks us to confront that which is literally not working.  To hold it, look at it, understand it, and have compassion for it.  When we fall ill, or suffer pain, or imbalance, it is our body telling us that something is amiss.  Will we be brave enough to be curious about it?  Will we be kind enough to ourselves to do what we need to do to bring ourselves back into balance?

My love of acupuncture began many moons ago, before I fully understood the beautiful art that it is. That love continues to grow as I am constantly amazed by its often subtle, yet profound depths and ability.  I work with this medicine in the way it's meant to be worked with.  I address the whole person in all aspects, body, mind, and spirit.  In my opinion, this is the only way that true healing can occur.  Because of that, I tend to spend a good amount of time with each person, fully understanding the intricacies of the illness to determine the best road to wellness.  

I have been in private practice since 2012. 

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